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Research Focus:  A Hybrid Experimental-Computational Approach for the Analysis of Dynamic Fracture

2016 SEM Student Paper Competition Winner

2016 SMART Scholar Awardee, ARL

2015 Haythornthwaite Foundation Travel Award Winner (IMECE-AMD)

2015 Lindquist Award Winner, Drexel COE

2014 Koerner Family Award Winner, Drexel COE


Logan Shannahan is in the final stages of completing his PhD in the Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics Department at Drexel with a thesis topic focusing on improving dynamic fracture mechanics analysis using the full-field optical technique of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) combined with numerical schemes to quantify mixed-mode anisotropic crack tip energetics.  He has also studied the dynamic electromechanical behavior of single crystal quartz and silicon carbide for the Army Research Laboratory. Logan received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the Johns Hopkins University in 2011.   


Leslie Lamberson

PC Chou Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics

Materials Science & Engineering


Dr.L started at Drexel in September 2012, having completed a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the Center for Advanced Metallic & Ceramic Systems working with Prof. K.T. Ramesh at the Johns Hopkins University. She received her B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and B.A. in Dance Performance as a Shipman Scholar from the University of Michigan, and her M.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a thesis on thin foil fatigue and fracture. Leslie received her Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology working with Prof. Ares Rosakis, researching hypervelocity impact damage, ballistics and dynamic fracture as a NASA Aeronautics Scholar and NSF Graduate Research Fellow. A former Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Advanced Development Programs (Skunk Works) engineer, Leslie is a recipient of an NSDEG Graduate Research Fellowship, Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship, and the 2009 Ernest E. Sechler Award from Caltech.  Leslie was awarded a NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship in 2013 to work on woven composites at NASA's Glenn Reserach Center, and was a 2014 recipient of Drexel's Career Development Award and the Harry C. Bartels Faculty Engineering Development Award.  

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Research Focus:   Image-Based Fracture & Fragmentation Analysis

2016 George Hill, Jr. Fellowship Winner, Drexel COE

2014 National Science Foundation GRFP Honorable Mention

2014 - Present, Engineering Teaching Fellow, Drexel COE


Steven Pagano is a fourth year PhD candidate in the Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics Department at Drexel. He received dual BS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Physics from Widener University in 2013, where he was a Boeing Academic Scholar.  Steve is presently conducting FEM analysis in ABAQUS explicit to explore leveraging energy conservation in the form of work balance as a full-field measurement technique for quantifying dynamic fracture analysis (comparing with traditional elastodynamics or J-integral).  He has also conducted single (Kolsky/split-Hopkinson) and repetitive impact loading tests on natural and polymeric brittle composite materials with statistical fragment analysis.  

Research Focus:   Impact Fatigue of Tungsten Carbide

Guillermo Retuerta is a MS student in Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics at Drexel. He completed his bachelor in Industrial Engineering at Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Spain, where he was awarded with the EAGLES scholarship to pursue a Dual Masters program in both Drexel and UPM.  During his studies at UPM, Guillermo worked at University Institute of Automobile Research (INSIA) developing a model of an electric bus powered by fuel cell, batteries and ultracapacitors under the mentorship of Dr. José María López. He also co-invented with other fellow students an innovative automatic sunshade. He joined DMML in January 2017 where he is working on impact fatigue of tungsten carbides of different grain size and resin binder content; extending the traditional Paris Growth Law.



Research Focus:   Polymer Matrix Composites under Environmental-Mechanical Loading


Ariana Paradiso is currently a BS/MS Mechanical Engineering student at Drexel University wrapping up her fourth year and was one of Dr. L's highest achieving Continuum Mechanics students.  In the past, she has participated in cooperative learning opportunities at AKF Group and the Bristol-Meyers Squibb Company. She is now working towards completing a Masters Thesis at DMML where she will be studying woven polymer matrix composite (PMC) materials and the effects prolonged exposure to moisture and seawater have on their strength, fracture, and fatigue characteristics.



Research Focus:   Dynamic Failure of Basalt under Lateral Confinement


Jacqueline Tawney is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics at Drexel. Starting January 2016, she has worked in the DMML as a HESS Undergraduate Research Scholar. With the help of the rest of the team, she designed created, and validated a biaxial loading confinement apparatus for Kolsky bar dynamic compression tests - with improved capability over similar devices in literature.  She is presently using the device to test dynamic confinement behavior of basalt, an analogue planetary body material for impact cratering and better understanding the formation of the universe with the collaboration of Dr. Angela Stickle from JHU-APL. Jacqueline joined the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) during her first term at Drexel in fall 2013 and currently serves as Membership Director. She is interested in achieving a PhD and continuing research in engineering and physics.





Research Focus:  Dynamic Fracture of Ferroelectric Ceramics

2017 Joseph & Shirley Carleone Fellowship Winner, Drexel COE


Peter Jewell completed his BS/MS student in the Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics Department at Drexel in 2016, an is continuing as a PhD student in DMML.  Peter is one of the original DMML members, having started in the lab as a HESS Undergraduate Reserach Scholar in 2013.  His work focuses on extending traditional dynamic fracture mechanics to include the coupled electromechanical effects in ferroelectric ceramics, pursuing both theory and experiments.  In 2015, Pete spent 6 months on a cooperative learning opportunity at the Army Research Laboratory in the Weapons and Materials Research Directorate at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, under the mentorship of Dr. Brian Schuster.



Research Focus: Hypervelocity Impact Damage of Ceramics

Julie is a visiting scholar at DMML is is currently pursuing her research masters in Civil Engineering jointly between Ecole Normale Supérieure of Cachan and the University of Grenoble, France.  She has a Bachelor's degree in Applied Physics with a 3rd year major in Civil Engineering from the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Cachan, and a Master 2 of Education in Civil Engineering from the same institution.  Julie is working jointly with Dr. Lamberson and Dr. Pascal Forquin at University of Grenoble to understand dynamic damage evolution under hypervelocity impact conditions through experiments and modeling.  



Research Focus: Twinning Stability of FCC Metals under High-Rate

2016 John Raymond Vollmar Scholarship, Drexel COE


Nick is in his fourth year at Drexel University while working towards a combined BS/MS accelerated degree in Mechanical Engineering. Nick has helped with the experimental configuration of ferroelectric fracture investigations, as well as with fragmentation and statistical analysis of MAX phase Ti3SiC2. Nick spent the last six months of 2015 conducting variable-ion, organic solvent intercalation of Ti3C2 MXene to control the presence of water and boundary-layer height. Nick just recently finished a cooperative learning opportunity (co-op) at Globus Medical designing implants and instrumentation for orthopedic trauma surgeons. Nick will be completing a 2017 co-op with the Dr. Chris Meredith at the Army Research Laboratory, and then will return to DMML to complete his masters thesis on the twinning and deformation mechanisms of FCC metals under high-rate tension and compression using our new miniature Kolsky bar system.  



DMML Electrical Consultant

Brian is an electrical engineering undergraduate student in his third year at Drexel University. He studied 2D materials and atomic ordering of layered ceramics at the Drexel Nanomaterials Institute, as well as studying in the Drexel VLSI and Architecture Lab.  Brian has helped developed a novel testing appartus to hold and apply both mechanical and electrical loading to ferroelectric ceramics, as well as created a more sensitive photodiode for our hypervelocity testing triggering system.  Brian is our go-to electronics expert and helped with the electrical development of the lab impact fatigue device.  

DMML Alumni

Rochitha Nathan   |   BS BME '19 |   IMPACT dance mechanics
@DMML as COOP winter '16-spring '17, completing undergraduate degree at Drexel
Richard Tredinnick   |   BS/MS MEM '17 |   MAX phase flexural tests
@DMML spring & summer 2016, working in industry after graduation
Annabel Young   |   Brooklyn Tech High '17 |   Basalt fragmentation analysis
@DMML summer 2016attending Cornell University Fall of 2017
Connor Williams   |   BS Physics - Villanova U. '19 |   NSF-REU IExE -basalt impact
@DMML summer 2016continuing his undergraduate degree at Villanova
Evan Kahl   |   MS Materials Science & Engineering Drexel '15 |   dynamic GBE steels 
@DMML spring & summer 2015 (joint with Prof. Mitra Taheri), currently at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Defense Technologies Engineering Division (DTED)/Weapon Technologies & Engineering
Hang Yu   |   BS/MS Mechanical Engineering Drexel '15  |   micromechanics composite model
@DMML fall 2012 - winter 2013, currently PhD candidate in MEM under Dr. Chris Weinberger
Casey Conrad   |   BS/MS Mechanical Enigneering Drexel '14  |   sea water corrosion on Garolite
@DMML spring & summer 2013

STAR Scholars

Luke Hanner   |   BS MSE Drexel '21  |   MAX phase dynamic behavior
@DMML summer 2016 (joint with Prof. Michael Barsoum), currently on COOP at ARL

HESS Undergraduate Research Scholars

Jacqueline Tawney  |   BS Mechanical Engineering Drexel '18  |   Biaxial loading device
winter 2016
David DiMarco   |   BS Mechanical Engineering Drexel '17  |   MAX phase compression
fall 2015
Laura Melizyaev  |  BS Materials Science & Engineering Drexel '16   |  Rochelle salt impact
spring 2014 
Robert Keane |  BS Mechanical Engineering Drexel '16   | Kolsky confinement sleeve
winter 2014
Robert Liberatore |  BS Mechanical Engineering  Drexel '16   | Kolsky pulse shaping
winter 2014
Michael Daily |  BS Mechanical Engineering  Drexel '15   | dynamic piezoelectric ceramics
winter 2014