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The X-STRM lab is located in W305 Brown Hall at the Colorado School of Mines and encompasses 1800 sq ft.


The laboratory space is NEW as of fall 2019 and state-of-the-art.  It is presently being updated with our unique experimental apparatus designed in-house, and used to investigate material and/or structural behavior across 10 orders of magnitude in strain rate, with temperature and electrical coupling capabilities, a wide range of full-field optical diagnostics, 2W Coherent laser and white light illumination, and ultra high-speed imaging (5 Mfps),


Some of the major equipment includes: a two-stage light gas accelerator, a single-stage gas gun for inertial impact testing and plate impact, a unique impact fatigue device, compression Kolsky (split-Hopkinson) bar systems for both soft and hard material investigations, a miniature tension/torsion Kolsky (in progress),  a 50 foot shock tube (in progress), a standard material load frame, optical microscopes and a wide range of optomechanics and lens systems. X-STRM also has a complete material preparation setup including a diamond saw, an Allied High Tech Multiprep material polisihing system, a precision micro-balance, charge amplifiers, oscilloscopes, hot plates, and high performance computer workstations with Abaqus, MatchID DIC software,  AutoCAD/Creo, and MATLAB.


Hypervelocity Accelerator
Impact Fatigue Device
Kolsky Compression Bars
Load Frame
FE Modeling
High-Speed Imaging
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