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Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand. 

Chinese Proverb


Mechanics of Materials
Spring '19, Fall '23
Aerospace Structures
Fall '12, '13 Spring '13, '14, '17, '18, 19-22'
Winter '15-'18
MEM420: Aerodynamics
Spring '15, Fall '21
MEM380: Aerospace Applications
Spring '18
Continuum Mechanics 
Fall '14, Winter '13, '14, '16
Extreme Material Behavior
Spring '15
Fatigue and Fracture
Fall '21


2018 - 2019  
Project STARS: Standardization & Testing of Adv.Retention Systems
Isabella Mendoza, Mario Tarabocchia, Evan Larmer
Sponsored by Team Wendy
2017 - 2018  2nd PLACE MEM WINNERS! 
Project STARK: Strain and Tensile Analysis with Redesigned Kolsky
Gregory Hart, Jacqueline Tawney, Megan Sahm and Deborah Hudson
2016 - 2017 
Project BECKETT: taBlEtop Compression Kolsky Extension Tension-Torsion
Richard Tredinnick, Matthew Schlegal, Michael Heggan, Vincenzo Spigonardo


2015 - 2016 
High Speed Landing Gear System Design Group
Bryan Bell, Eduardo Cavallin, Carl Heubner, Brett Seymore, Jeffrey Vo
Compressor System Design Group
Mohammad Alattar, Jon Bry, Cameron Dye, Rymond Seibert, Peter Taddeo
2014 - 2015
PROJECT vIPER: Impact PERformance
Ben Banks, Zorbey Canturk, Robert Grundy, Robert Mele, Co-Advised by Dr. Jing Liang
Sponsored by Storelli Inc.
2013 - 2014
PROJECT PHIR: Pressure-differential Hypervelocity Impact Range
John Barber, Andrew Canosa, Mike Lancellotti, Brenden O'Brien, Connor Whaland
PROJECT CRoFT: Composite Rotary Fatigue Tester
Timothy Chua, Joseph Rappazzo, Dylan Paproski, Nikhil Tandon, Co-Advised by:  Dr. Lee Kohlman, NASA Glenn
Sponsored by NASA Glenn Research Center
2012 - 2013
PROJECT SPITI: Soldier Protection Impact Testing Instrument
Ryan Beck, Dominic Sciulli, Libu Geevarghese, Ben Wright-Rowan, Dan Salvatore
PROJECT B3: The Art of Cortical Bone Dynamic Fracture
Matt Guedon, Kyle Huang, Cheung Lo, Ryan Powell, Manouchehr Sabeti 
3rd Place COE Senior Design Awardees
The X-STRM Team also works on the IMPACT program, promoting the intersections of Dance & Mechanics, as shown in the video.  
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